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Improve Your E-Commerce Website Using Photo Retouching Services

Improve Your E-Commerce Website Using Photo Retouching Services

Before we begin with How Photo Retouching services can improve your E-commerce Website, let us begin by looking at what is Photo Retouching exactly?

Photo Retouching: It is the process of making some changes in the image after the main editing completes. It is not grouped with editing, because retouching means small adjustments, that works great wonders for photos. In simple terms, it means polishing an image.


Okay, but then what is the difference between editing and retouching of photos?


There is a huge difference between editing a photo and retouching a photo. It is because editing means the main changes done to an image whereas retouching means polishing the final photo. Editing a photo requires hours, and the changes are very loud and easily noticed. On the other hand, Retouching a photo means changes that can be done in a few minutes, and changes are not that loud or easily visible. There are two types of retouching:


Basic Retouching: It involves small adjustments. Those can be removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothening skin, or removing small objects from the background.


Extensive Retouching: It involves fewer frequency changes like completely removing a person from the background, or compositing several images together, or changing the background completely.


Every photographer though has its definition of what he/she considers editing a photo, or what he/she considers retouching a photo means. Some photographers use the terms interchangeably which can be confusing for their clients or businesses. It is because there is a significant difference between editing a photo and retouching a photo. The difference should be known by photographers.


Now coming to your e-commerce website, there are many reasons why Photo retouching Services are of importance. The reasons are listed below:


Clarity of Product: By providing good quality images with retouching done, the buyer gets the idea of how the product is going to look. The finished images provide a good look at the product specifications and what uses do they serve or what can be expected from them. This helps in making an informed choice by the consumer and minimizes the risk of miscommunication.


For example, a consumer decides to buy a purse from your website. The main feature that attracts them is your product's glossy surface. Lets cut to the day it arrives, the purse doesn't match with the image you uploaded, and instead, they get a purse that is matte in finish. Even though you mentioned in the picture, the customer still feels disappointed and asks for a return. As a business, you get an angry customer, disappointed in your product, and asking for a return. Here you not only lost his purchase but the people who he/she will talk about it with too. This won’t be a problem if the photos of the product are clicked and polished with clarity, which provides the exact description of how the product looks.


Social Media Presence: The most effective and used method of communication is social media platforms, even for businesses. Today being on social media is proof that your business exists and is legit. Social media is all about photographs and graphics only. That is why having an excellent stock of images of your products helps in the promotion of your products, and brand. The images of your products can be posted on these platforms to which people will engage and find credible. This then increases the visitors of your website. A good social media strategy always helps in bringing more audiences and exposing your business, and products, to more people. Good quality of photos helps people in sharing those images to newer audiences as a user. It will happen when they promote your brand to their friends and family attaching their values to your brand values.


Brand Image: It is very important to build a brand image, and photos are very important for it. Brand Image is the type of elements of a Brand like colors, typography, tone, etc, that differentiates a brand’s identity from others. Established brands have a defined brand image that speaks about their essence and makes them recognizable from others.


Like Zomato, its website, application, and social media platforms all use colors red and white, and a single type of font. This if we see, differentiates it from other brands, and helps us in recognizing it without having to say it. A person in a flick of an eye scanning their posts can understand if it is from Zomato. That is what building a unique brand image does, and it highly depends on images. Thus having your photos retouched in a way they all speak the same brand essence is important.


Credibility: These days visuals are very important for building a brand’s credibility. The great the visuals you put out there helps in showcasing the great quality and increases the brand credibility. Like when a person sees a high-quality image of a product on their website, it helps them to believe that the quality that the brand provides is good.

For example, brands like Gucci, and Zara, work a lot on their images and delivering the image of their products in the correct sense. Their images speak elegance and luxury, which is exactly what they want to portray.


In times like these, where e-commerce is the need of the hour, you need to make the most of this opportunity. So, go and see if your product needs photo retouching services, and put the best you have to offer out.

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