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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.


Is Free Trial Facility Available?

Absolutely. We do provide a free trial of up to two photographs so you may assess the quality of our service before making a final choice. In order for us to offer you a demo of the completed task, you can send us sample photographs.

How Can I Contact You?

We think a close relationship based on trust is enhanced when we maintain regular communication with our clients. We are accessible 365 days a year, around the clock, because of this. By clicking on the link below, you can access the "contact us" section of our website.

Which Image Formats Do You Accept?

Our proficiency with a variety of image formats has grown over time. Images of any file format or size (.AI, TIFF, PSD, JPEG, PNG, CR2, etc.) are accepted. Thus, transmit your files without hesitation, regardless of the format.

Image Security

How do you ensure the security of the images we provide?

Our top goal is keeping your photos safe. We make use of strong security measures, such as storage, access controls, and encrypted transfers. We regularly train our team on data security, and after a project, we remove all images. No third-party retention; additional confidentiality can be obtained with an NDA. Our commitment is your trust.

Image Upload and Download

How Do I Know My Photos Are Ready To Download?

As soon as images are available for download from our server, you will receive a notification.

How Do I Download The Completed Images?

On our FTP server, we will set up a profile for you with unique login credentials, where we will store all of your ready images. You will receive that log-in information from us so you can quickly download your images from our FTP server.

Our Services

Do You Have A Rush Delivery System?

Our expedited service is the ideal option when handling a substantial volume of photos in a brief amount of time. This service offers a unique facility to do the task swiftly.

Are You Open 24 Hours?

Indeed, we are a staff that works 365 days a year, around the clock. In order for our team to deliver your work on time, we work both throughout the day and at night. You can even get in touch with us for this during US holidays.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

That depends on the quantity, quality, and complexity of the images. We will let you know how long the task will take to complete when we send you our price quotes. We promise to finish our work on schedule.


What Is Your Payment System?

Our payment system is easy to use and safe. Credit card payments can be made through PayPal. We also take checks from our US clients, and traditional banking transactions are also accepted.


How Much Do You Charge Per Image?

Our price lists are available to view in the right column of our website. But it depends on the number, quality, and amount of time needed for the images. Thus, we kindly ask that you contact with any questions.

Do You Offer Volume Discounts?

Sure, we do. Depending on the volume and categories of the images, a discount of up to 50% may be given to customers who turn in a project with at least 100 images.

Quality and Satisfaction

Do You Have Any Quality Assurance Process?

The completion of a project within the allotted time is crucial. However, completing the work to a high standard is more crucial. Yes, we strictly adhere to a three-step quality control procedure in all aspects of our work. It guarantees the highest caliber of final images.

What If I Am Not Happy?

To ensure the best possible work, we strictly adhere to our clients' instructions or uphold our own standards of quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will reimburse you 100% of your money in accordance with company policies.