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Neck Joint Services and its Importance with the using techniques

Neck Joint Services and its Importance with the using techniques

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Working on the photography of apparel is quite a hard job! Different apparel has a different type of presentation and to maintain that presentation a huge number of photos are taken. Every photo has its different use. None of the images are used for same purposes, the variant image is taken to post on social media, websites, and advertising sites, even some are kept to the photographers to use internally. Apparels are often worn by the mannequin to see how the person will look, even to see the size and shape that if it will suit a certain person or not. Many companies use a mannequin before knitting just to get that exact idea and so where the ghost mannequin or Neck Joint service comes.

Neck Joint service is basically chosen when you need to show the front, back, sides along with the tag and inner part. It is very useful for E-commerce photographers; it helps them to show everything the apparel has. Nothing is hidden, you will able to see everything that the apparel holds. If you don’t want a live model to wear the apparel and shoot with them then the mannequin idea is best. The mannequin can be used to present the apparel. And if you don’t want to show the mannequin then you can edit it with ghost mannequin. Ghost mannequin services and Neck Joint service is quite similar, but in Neck Joint extra parts of the product is shown wherein the ghost mannequin service only the mannequin vanishes. E-commerce retailers often need both services to complete the photo. And we do both.

How are the Neck Joint services done?

To complete the photo you will need the shots of the apparel worn and unworn, front, back, inside and sides. All the shots are brought together to the main photo where the mannequin is either wearing it or the apparel is kept on hanging. But mostly the apparel is worn by the mannequin and then the ghost mannequin effect is used, and the mannequin vanishes, then the neck joining effect starts. We start attaching the inside and outside first, then the sides, tags and back are matched to bring the perfection. All the work is done in Photoshop. Not only this ghost mannequin service also includes cropping, resizing and color correction. Different image shot may have different sizes and lengths of the photo, which may not match with each other. Some can be zoomed in and some can be zoomed out and to bring them all together both the images and more of the images has to be in the same length and size. Color correction is also done, often the light is more and less in the snaps, and the shade of the images don’t match then it can make a conflict in the illusion of the suspense, which should be maintained. And so firstly the image masking service or image clipping path service is done, then the images are color corrected and then they are seen if they need any other editing to be maintained for the requirement. Extra work is also added sometimes like dropping shadows and retouching, it depends on the picture, and if the picture needs it then it shall be corrected as well. None of the pictures is edited without the concern of the client. We always communicate with our clients to know what else they need and how. We are concerned about our client’s reputation more than any other thing. We ensure the quality with revisions as well for free to see if any mistake is done.

Why is it important?

Well, Neck Joint Service creates an illusion on – ‘who is wearing it?’ it brings on an excellent desired fantasy on the apparel. It makes a simple unwanted apparel look very interesting. Consumers are like surprises and it creates an amazing one. It makes them think about the person who is wearing it and how he/she vanishes. And their interest will make them ask about the apparel and that is when you can talk to them and what they need and catch clients or customers. And some of the customers even demand to see the inner part of the apparel as well; Neck Joint service makes it easier, where both the inner and outer part is shown. It will increase the traffic for you to view your products more than others. And in E-commerce side, it is a must for the retailer at least to view a product once. That makes it grow more audiences. When your product is viewed, ultimately others view that as well. Increasing views is an asset, which will be a profit for sure soon.

Clipping Path Associate

Clipping Path Associate is developing a company where we do all kinds of editing. None of the jobs is left or passed on others. We 50-60 designers who work on shifts from morning to night just complete all the images on time. Our designers are capable of handling 1000 images per day without any doubt. Large or small works are done in batches where the individual edit is handled by individual editors to complete. None of the images are mixed with others. We use digital equipment including Photoshop to edit all the images. Quality is what we never underestimate; quality is maintained all the time. We serve globally and so we know how amazing the photo needs to be and we work as per that. Clipping Path Associate is trusted and never lost any client it has once handled. We have that confidence to satisfy you in every editing. Our designers are well experienced to work with a huge amount of photos. And come with a low price so that our regular clients can rely on us with bulk images.  We are starting from just 0.30cents and our prices are comparatively less than other companies. We care about our clients more than anything else. We really love to create a bond with our client, if you have any different ideas or views you can surely share with us. We honor new ideas, views and clients more.  Clipping Path Associate has a goodwill which is maintained from the very beginning, no work is small for us; every quantity has its own way of telling a story and creating magic.

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